Saturday, April 12, 2014

Red tulips for Parkinson's Disease

Helloooooo ladies! I've been practicing my realistic painting skills, and I made these red tulips for World Parkinson's Day, which was yesterday. Sadly I didn't have time to blog then, so I'm showing them to you now :-) I don't know anyone with Parkinson's personally but I know how huge the impact of this disease is. Click to see more!

I really loved painting this, I had such a blast! I tried to mimic a picture that I found on the internet, but my art turned out much more like a painted than a photo. Guess I need more practice (which means more fun!).

I used acrylic paint and my Christrio detail brush to do this design. This brush is seriously amazing, it's almost like it knows how you want your art to turn out and then it just goes to work!
Isn't this pretty? Although it didn't quite turn out the way I had imagined, I still like it. I gave my tulips some tweaks here and there and they ended up looking fabulous!
Have you ever tried copying a photo onto your nails? Did it look okay? Tell me in the comments!

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