Thursday, April 10, 2014

Blue roses for Autism

Hi ladies! I have more nail art for Autism Awareness Month today. I painted these blue roses, because my friend Verity made some gorgeous roses on her nails. You should go visit her FB page Bionic Hips And Finger Tips and give her some love! I'll continue my little bit of text about my life with high-functioning Asperger's, right after we look at these nails for a sec. Click to see more!

So yeah, they were hand painted. Took me a couple of hours, but I was watching the last episodes of How I Met Your Mother so I was plenty entertained :) I used acrylic paint and my ProNails brushes for this mani.

They were pretty fun to do too! I have the patience of an angel, or so I've been told. You might remember my dragonfly nails and my mermaid nails. Yup! Same story! Patience and a steady hand, that's really all you need.
Patience is something that is definitely required when living a life with Autism. Bureaucracy can drive you absolutely NUTS! I've been telling you about a lot of the positive things that my Autism has brought me, and now the time has come to vent about one of the downsides.

I have to have my driver's licence renewed every three years. That's pretty often, but that's not even the worst part. I have to go through a whole bunch of unnecessary procedures, including BUYING a piece of paper to tell them I have Autism, and then visiting a psychiatrist. And everything is expensive. Everything together comes up to €300/$400.
So yeah... with Autism comes the good, the bad, and the society that makes it even harder. I'll try to show you every aspect of a life with Autism in this month's blue blog series, so keep watching this blog!

Thanks for visiting and let me know what you think of my blue roses :)

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