Monday, April 28, 2014

Logo for the Autistic Love Society (glow in the dark!)

Hiya! I promised you guys a very special ending to Autism Awareness Month, so here it is! I received the request for these nails from a company called Autistic Love Society. I also have a compilation of all of this month's blue manis at the end of this post. Click to see more!

They found my Instagram profile and probably saw my logo nails for Christrio Scotland and Down The Bayou Lacquer and figured "Hey, why not ask her to do our logo too?" And you may know by now that I LOVE a good challenge, so ofcourse I happily accepted!

Edit to include: I don't receive compensation for these kinds of requests. I just really love doing them :D

You might have noticed that the letters are a little bit crooked on the index and pinky. It's intentional! That way, the word comes out straight. I didn't plan this but the L came out this way, and it was kind of perfect so I painted the rest to match it. The E is really crooked but it lines up perfectly!

The Autistic Love Society is a company that believes in spreading Autism Awareness throughout the world. Their vision matches mine: people with Autism need and deserve support, and they have amazing talents that blossom when they are in their element. The Autistic Love Society also has a shop, they have caps and t-shirts and other fun and useful stuff that you can wear to show your love for someone with Autism!
I painted these nails with acrylic paint and my Christrio Scotland detail brush. I really love doing clean detailed work like this, because it forces me to work really neatly and carefully. I love that! Plus, I;m good at it :D
I used a coat of a glow in the dark top coat on top of my white base, before painting the design. And look! It gloooows!!! Glow polish really suits my autistic needs. I made a sensory profile with my Autism advisor once and the conclusion was that I'm very sensitive to sound, but I'm easily excited by visual stimuli like little lights (my room is full of them), glitters (well, you know that part) and glow in the dark stuff (glow ALL the things!!!).
The photo that they commented on on Instagram was the photo of my stained glass nails, and they asked if I could do something similar. This is what came out of that. I like the way it looks, and the color combo reminds me of a Swiss army knife or a stone wall, but I feel like the letters are disappearing in all of the business.

Anyway, thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed this month's theme! Next month is my 2 year blogiversary (has it really been that long??) so we're gonna have some guests to party with me! I hope you'll like it!

Check out all of the blue nail art that I did this month for Autism Awareness! Click on the picture to go to the corresponding blog post, where you can read something about what my Autism means in my life. 

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