Monday, May 12, 2014

Eurovision Song Contest nail art

Hey all! Did you watch the Eurovision Song Contest this weekend? I watch it every year and this year, I had the pleasure of watching it with my friend Marlein! She has quickly become my very best polish friend because she is an absolutely AWESOME person in real life, in addition to having the best nails <3 So click to see what we both made!

This year, Denmark was the host for the Eurovision Song Contest because Emilie de Forest won last year with the song 'Only Teardrops'. That's why the heart has the Danish flag!

I loved all of the songs this year, it really was a good edition of the contest. The winning act was a good song, albeit a kind of strange performer, hahaha but they deserved to win :D And hey, my little country got second place! I love that!
It's a very simple design but I love it, because it's SUPER sparkly and it was done in a jiffy LOL It was made on the same day as my Kiss The Frog nail art (which took 5 hours to complete!) and I also had to do some hostess things before our evening could commence, so I needed something quick and fun. Plus...
...we did twin nails! Luckily Marlein is someone I'm not afraid of touching (my Asperger's makes me feel icky about it sometimes) so here's a pic of her beautiful pointed nails and my tiny wannabe rounded nails (she calls them midget nails).

So what did you think of the contest? And the nails? Do you have a polish bestie that you meet up with in real life?

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