Sunday, May 19, 2013

Eurovision Song Contest

Goodmorning! It was a late night for me last night, I stayed up late to see who won the Eurovision Song Contest! My congratulations to Denmark! Emmelie de Forest is a beautiful girl and she has an amazing voice. The song deserved to win!

I'm so happy with the performances from last night! Everybody really tried their very best to put on an entertaining show. She dresses were lovely, the people pretty and the voices gave me chills sometimes. I love Eurovision!

Our very own Anouk from the Netherlands placed 9th. We were swept off of 8th place at the last minute by Italy. I've never had much faith in the Dutch performances at Eurovision, I mean, we haven't placed in the final since 2004. And the songs truly have been crap. But Anouk did an amazing job! Her outfit was very simple and down to earth, but she looked absolutely beautiful! And that voice of hers, wow... She has so much control over her voice, and a wonderful sound. I'm proud to be a Dutch girl right now :D

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