Monday, May 6, 2013

Gucci! Gesundheit!

Oh Gem Crush collection, how I love thee! Yet again, these polishes brightened up my nail art with some happy glitters. This is the first time I used the metal decals I got from Mini Mil's and I did my research. I googled pictures of Gucci and tried to match the style of some of the clothes in my nail design. Did I succeed? You decide!

 Three finger shots always look so weird! But the lighting in this pic is better, so I decided to show you anyway.

 My detail shots aren't very good (blame it all on the camera) but here's a close up of my index finger.

They stick out if you don't top coat the hell out of them. The edges can be pretty sharp and it seems like they fold at the corners and stick out even more. If you decide to use metal decals like these, then make sure the polish underneath is dry, otherwise they sink into the polish and almost disappear. I was too impatient and my decals sunk a bit.

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