Saturday, May 4, 2013

Nail art supplies from Mini Mil's

For all the Dutch girls: there's a shop you really need to know about. I've talked about this shop before in THIS post.

A while ago, I ordered from Mini Mil's, an online hobby shop in the Netherlands. On her website, she asked for photo's of what you made with your order, so I sent her an e-mail, we talked a bit about nail art and my pic got featured on her website. So cool!

And then a while later, I got an e-mail from her asking if I wanted to help her with the website. She would send me some stuff and I'd take photos of my nail art using those supplies. How can I say no to that! I got these products completely for free, all I have to do is send her my pics. She doesn't even know I'm writing this blog post about her shop. 

You really NEED to know about this online store, because the prices she charges are VERY reasonable. I'm window shopping in online stores all the time, but the prices always seem unreasonably high in Dutch shops. At Mini Mil's, any vial of loose glitter is €0,55 and fimo canes are only €0,50! That means that you can get 100 - 130 slices of fimo for the same price other shops charge for 30 pre-sliced slices. That's what I call a good deal!

Let's take a look at what she sent me:

This is everything that was in the package. It included metal foil decals, loose glitter, beads, hollow shapes, holographic shapes, several fimo canes and a pick up pencil. 

These are all loose glitter and shape glitter and can be bought HERE for only €0,55 a piece. The bigger bottles in the back are €0,75. I don't think the loose glitters are solvent resistent, but they don't bleed into your top coat. The orange vial contains bar glitter, very awesome to play with!


The metal foils are a bit harder to work with. I suggest bending them to your nail shape before applying them, or they will stick out. They can be sharp, I've already had a butterfly stuck in the skin in my hand, ouch! You WILL need an excellent top coat. I don't think these are in the shop yet, but keep an eye out!

The pick up pencil is absolutely awesome! It's available HERE for only €1,55 and you can use it to pick up your fimo slices, metal foils, anything. It works like magic. The pencil inside is kind of like a crayon, it picks up stuff like it's sticky, yet it isn't. Definitely something I can't live without anymore!
A lot of glitter, shapes and beads come in these little vials. There's a big assortment HERE and one vial is priced at €0,75. You will need a lot of top coat for the hollow shapes, but they are awesome to add to your nail design. The green is loose neon glitter, so it lights up under UV light, just like the neon orange bar glitter on the right. I haven't tried the purple beads yet. 

The fimo canes are a good buy! There's a lot of choice in the shop HERE and they're all €0,50 for a cane of 5cm. That makes 100 - 130 slices. A lot of shops charge the same price for only 30 slices. Ofcourse, you have to have a steady hand and a slicer to cut the fimo with, but it's definitely worth it to pick up a knife HERE

I'd never tried fimo before so this was the perfect way to try it! I even had fun slicing them into pieces and storing them in an empty wheel. 

I LOVE Mini Mil's shop, she is super nice and I'm honored that she asked me to take some photos. You will be seeing a lot of these products in my posts the coming weeks!

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