Monday, May 26, 2014

Darling Diva Will-o-the Wisp with one stroke flowers

Hey ladies! I have another video tutorial for you today! I hope you like these flowers, I used the one stroke technique to make them. The base for this mani is Darling Diva Will-o-the Wisp, it's a really cool jelly glitter polish that glows in the dark (which I looooove!). Click to see more!

Look at that glow! Isn't it amazing? I freaking love glow polishes!

I've had this polish for a while, and it was about time I used it. I didn't know what to paint on it at first, but the flowers just kinda appeared as I was working, and they turned out kinda cool, don't you think?

If you're wondering how I made them, take a look at this video tutorial that I made for you guys:

I hope that makes it clear how to do these flowers! Please excuse some of the jumps in the video, taping it forces me to work at an uncomfortable angle so the placement and technique is kinda off when videotaping it.

I enjoyed making these anyways, they were great fun! When you get the hang of one stroke, it's not that hard to do. Keep your eyes out for more one stroke nail art coming your way!

Did you like these? Remember, a short version of the tutorials will pop up on my Instagram as well!

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