Monday, May 16, 2016

Little black rat nail art

If you know about my pets, this design will make total sense to you. I have two pet rats, beautiful little cuddly boys, so I *tried* painting my Mercurius! Click to see more!

The base is Ellagee Trenzalore, it's such a great polish. Sheer to the right degree, it's a unique color that I don't really ever see. Hey that rhymes!

The rattie was painted with acrylic paint and my Roubloff 00 detail brush. I wish he had turned out better... But it's hard, to capture the right amount of brown in his black fur without making him look gross. He's actually really clean, and he smells so nice and comfy and familiar <3
THIS is my Mercurius! Isn't he gorgeous? He's the brother of my little guy Montgomery and together, they're the cutest friends I could wish for!

Mercurius (I call him Kuurtje) is a real momma's boy. If he could, he'd spend all day sitting on my shoulder, lounging in my sweater, or walking after me everywhere I went. Oh and he loves food too ;-)

It's so hard to take a pic of nail art together with the subject of the art! He looks a little bit like he's getting slapped but he's okay, I promise. He just really doesn't like to have his picture taken! I think it's the sound my camera makes, he's usually really laid back.

Music is "Solo Acoustic Guitar" by Audionautix

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