Thursday, May 19, 2016

Little fuzzies nail art

Imagine having no arms & no legs and bouncing everywhere, but at least you'd have adorable little ears! That's pretty much how these little fuzzies work. Can you think of a funny name for their species? Click to see more!

I got a whole collection of flocking powder from my friend Marlein (you might know her as @creatinails on Instagram) and I feel SO happy with all the colors! Ofcourse I had to use it in the cutest way :-p Oh and I got the 3D sculpting gel from her too, a while back. We share stuff :D
For the background, I used Picture Polish Gelato, Sorbet, Tiffany, Sky & Candy. I applied all of them to a sponge and that makes the dreamy flow of colors!

Music is "Bird in Hand" by Audionautix

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