Saturday, July 7, 2012

Ratty names

Last weekend, I visited the little rats of which I get to adopt two guys! I had to travel quite a while by train to get there, then I took a bus and we still had to walk for a bit, but it was worth it, because oh boy! Those little rats are just cuteness on a stick. They have tiny little buttons for noses and the cutest bums. They fit right between the couch cushions and they were so fast! And really soft ofcourse, their tails are still rosy and smooth and their nails don't scratch (yet). Ahwwww I'm sorry I'm drifting off.

I wanted to show you what I did with my cage. I have a Ferplast Jenny (cheap yet relatively spacious) and the bottom of the cage is just grey. Every time I get a new ratty inhabitant, I put his name in black letters on the front of the cage. Like this:

As you can see, there's still room for two more. I set my limit at 5 rats, that way each rat gets his fair share of attention from me and they have a nice group to play with each other. The new names look like this:

So now I have Chuck, Noah and Merlin (Merlijn in dutch), and they will be accompanied by Tchaikovsky and Tarzan.

Most of my names have come from tv shows. I've named my pets after characters from my favorite tv shows ever since my brother named his mice after the A-team. He didn't care that they turned out to be girls (those were some really tough mice, hihi). I didn't get to name most of my rats because they came from the pound. So I got a rat with the name Wizze, because he peed on everything, and Fidge, because he couldn't sit still. After that I got Zorro, named so because he was very brave and Hogan, after Hulk Hogan (the wrestler) because he liked to jump from a height on top of his brothers. I loved my ratty Frodo, he was adopted by someone else first, named after LOTR, as was his brother Sam, and then he was rejected again. That gave me the opportunity to give a home to this funny, loving and a bit crazy rat.

My boyfriend commented that I have mostly names of big figures, be it from movies and tv or from history and culture. The nest letter was T, so I had to get two names with the letter T. After Tesla, Tühring, Timon and many other names, Tarzan and Tchaikovsky stuck with me.

So that's my ratty story! There were no pictures of cute rats this time... or were there? Check out the little ratties below!

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