Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ratty spam

I adopted my two new little guys last weekend and it has been a blast with all five of my guys! There was some distrust in my cage at first, but they soon discovered that new friends are great and I found them this morning all sleeping on top of eachother.

So here it is, my ratty pic spam!

Tchaikovski, Noah and Chuck having dinner

Ahwww little Tarzan is getting squished!

There's no better pillow than a big warm fuzzy rat butt

See? They both had to try it
With these tiny rats, it's hard to take pictures. They never sit still! And they're so fast, OMG! When taking pictures, they're in frame one second and gone the next, like this:

I found the guys laying together this morning, it was just the cutest!

Chuck and Tchai

Noah using Tarzan as a pillow
If you didn't see any pictures of Merlin, that's because he's still having some arguments from time to time. He's okay with the little guys being there, it's just that they're not totally happy with him yet. When he comes close, Tchai immediately starts to scream like an idiot and that ticks Merlin off. He chases them around the cage a bit, all the while Tchaikovski is screeching his little lungs out, but no one gets hurt. I've found one tiny scratch on Tchai and I think his brother did that while roughhousing. So it's fine by me. It's getting better, they haven't woken me up in two nights with their screaming. Merlin just doesn't want them around when he's trying to sleep. So he finds a quiet spot to sleep and lies down there.

I can understand that. What I don't get is why Noah and Chuck don't get mad when the little ones climb all over them, with their paws all over the big one's heads and backs and Noah and Chuck get a tail in their face every so often. I'd go nuts :-p

Well, I'll keep you updated on how the rittens are doing. Aren't they called pups in english?

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