Monday, July 9, 2012

Swatches - China Glaze DV8

As my nails are taking a vacation, I'm bugging everybody around me to paint their nails. I went to the zoo with a friend and yes, I took my polish with me. Don't tell me you're not just as hooked on polish as I am!

I took three different polishes and she chose China Glaze DV8. And who wouldn't? It's so pretty and holographic :D Her fingers and especially the area around her nails are in bad shape. She's all about the sports so she doesn't care about her nails. I've found out the hard way it's just impossible to keep your mani neat when going indoor rock climbing.

In the sun, the holographic effect becomes way more visible:

Pretty!!! Still, these pictures don't do the polish justice. I guess I'll owe you girls some better swatches. And better nails to do them on :-p

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