Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sowing my wild oats..

... or my tame ones. My brother suddenly had the crazy idea to grow some edible plants like herbs and even vegetables. I'm an absolute disaster when it comes to anything green. I'm great with animals, but my plants keep dying. There is one thing I do seem to be able to keep alive, the easiest plant ever: garden cress, or tuinkers in my language.

I thought I'd give it another try so I sowed some rucola/arugula too. That one will take a longer time to give me something to eat (oh no, how will I survive) but I'm curious to see how it will grow. 

The bucket thingy came out of our shed, it was a miracle I can find anything in the mess in there. The little signs were made by me and me tinks I loves dem. They're simple, but so cute!

Oooh I just can't wait for these little buggers to sprout! They will make great sandwiches :-p

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