Saturday, August 18, 2012

DIY sliding doors

When I rearranged my furniture weeks ago, but I was looking at this ugly, ugly sight where my computer was. I hate seeing the tangled web of computer cables. Also, my computer needs to be protected from my ratsies. I was looking for a low-cost, aesthetically pleasing solution when I thought of sliding doors. I love doing this stuff myself!

I bought a large plank of wood and cut in the right size on the table saw that's in our shed. The thing scares the hell out of me ever since my dad made a really inappropriate joke about his head getting in there... Let's not get into that! When both doors were the right size after some shaving and sanding, I put about three thin coats of clear furniture paint on them using a roller. The rest was easy. You can just get a kit at the hardware store with everything you need, except for the rail. I drilled holes at the right spots, attached the sliding pieces to the wood (I'm so sorry for my bad jargon :-p) I also cut the rails at the right size. And with some help from my parents, I wedged the doors in there! And pretty pretty look what I made!

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