Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New photography studio!

I got a great deal on a tiny photo studio! One of my friends had bought one to photograph her hamsters (those little fuzzy furballs of her are so cute) but they wouldn't sit still! I could have told her that :-p So she had this studio to sell. I had been looking into buying one but I got this one way cheaper! And yeah, you know me, anything to save money.

Oh and I also have to fit everything in the smallest space possible! It's 40cm deep and 40cm wide, so that fits exactly into my deep Ivar. I made a little strap to hang the lamps on the side, in stead of setting them up on the ground or a shelf. 

My construction around the lamps

Lights on

I got a little tripod too, but I actually don't use it. I'm more comfortable holding the camera myself and twisting it much more easily. 

There's also four different backgrounds in the package, I'm planning on using the black one most. There's a white one, that's also good. There's a red and a blue one too but I don't see me using those. Please excuse the horrible folds in the fabric, I have to iron it, I know, but up until now I've been too busy/lazy. 

I'm looking forward to taking pretty pictures!

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