Thursday, August 30, 2012

Oh no, my lunula is missing!

Have you never heard of a lunula? Neither had I, but thank heaven for the internet. Without it, I would be downright dumb.

The lunula is the whiter, half moon shape at the bottom of your nail, right against your cuticle. Most people's lunula's are visible, but I mine aren't. That's normal, Wikipedia told me. It's just that my lunula is hidden underneath the cuticle and skin. Well, I think that's fine! I'm happy with my nails like this, I can't imagine me having a visible lunula. Okay, I've said lunula waaaaay to many times now!

I like random facts. ALOT. So here's me sharing some randomness with you and maybe you'll even learn something!

Picture from

There's that word again :-p And the white part of the nail, the tip, is called the free margin or distal edge. There are so many cool words to learn! Oh oops, I'm sorry, the geek inside me is peeking out :-p

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