Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pink flaky nail art

I see these pictures of beautiful flakies on other blogs and I think: why can't my flaky be like that? I have one by Essence, I bought it for under €2 so I can't complain much. When the light hits it just right, it's beautiful. But the flakies make a gross color when the light doesn't hit it right. Looking awful. And disgusting. Like I have dirt on my nails. Or I did a bad nail art job.

So I thought I'd try some things. A while back, I was moaning about another bad polish that wouldn't get opaque, no matter what I tried, and someone suggested I use it for a jelly sandwich. Now I've never done one of those, but I'm eager to try new stuff! That's why I made this sort of experimental manicure.

First, I painted my nails pink using L'Oreal Ingenuous Rose. Then I painted one coat of Essence Night in Vegas (the flaky in question). And for the jelly sandwich part, I got out my bottle of Paris Memories. It's a really bright pink that looks like I want to eat it! I painted one coat over the other polishes, getting a pretty combination!

I did say this was kind of experimental, and that's because I was curious about the sandwich with other polishes instead of the flaky. I made the same combination, but I used my lovely Rainbow Apparition on my ring finger and I added the prettiness of Razzle Dazzler from the Sally Hansen Gem Crush collection to my thumb nail. This last combo is my favorite! The medium sized hex glitter really lights up this jelly sandwich. Lovely!

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