Thursday, June 28, 2012

Blotchy nail art

*deep sigh* 

*another sigh*

I wanted to do some nail art using one of my new OPI nudes. But, lazy bum that I am, I had no intention of taking my previous mani off. I thought I could just paint over the purple.

I was wrong. 

It got all blotchy and a weird shade of purple like a misty morning over the heathland. These pictures are with two coats of Step Right Up!

Last week, I ran into a sale on polish by Paris Memories. I know this brand to be cheap, but 5 bottles for €5 is nothing! There was only one color I really liked and didn't have yet, so I took it over to the counter and... it took a lot of effort to actually buy it! The sales clerk kept repeating that it was 5 for €5 and that I could take four more bottles for just a few euros. She just couldn't wrap her head around the fact that I only wanted one bottle. 

It's a hot pink and in the bottle, it looks like it has flecks of blueish purple. On the nail, this effect is gone. It's still a beautiful color, but... it's not at all opaque! Here we go again... with two coats, it's still as see-through as glass. After experiencing the nail fail I just described, I decided to just go with it. 

I ran with it and painted a hot pink coat over my weird purplish blotchy nails. And this is what came out of it:

It's a WEIRD color. And still blotchy. But a good kind of blotchy. Like marble or some other special effect. Maybe this will even become a 'thing' :-p Hahaha "Narmai, trendsetter extraordinaire" (totally by accident)

The Paris Memories polish does have a really, REALLY nice shine. I mean, the pictures above are without a topcoat. Very pretty.

Okay, so now give me your honest opinion. As honest as it can get. Do you like it? Would you rather see this in a different color? Would you ever wear it?

And..... GO!

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