Monday, June 11, 2012

Okay, so here's another cute rat

I know how some people strongly dislike rats and although it annoys me to no end to hear people scream when I only mention a rat, here's another rat warning:

*If you don't like rats, don't read this, video included*

But ahwww I just had to share this with you guys! He made me laugh so hard... :-p

You may have read about my new camera. As a result, I've been stalking my rats for three days trying to get the cutest picture. When I woke up this morning, Noah was lying in a kind of awkward position. He likes to groom himself while lying belly-up in a hammock. Underneath him, you can see his black-furred brother Chuck, apparently he didn't mind Noah pushing down on him with his unimaginable ratty weight.

First he has the hiccups, then he does his eye boggling thing. After that, he knaws on his little hand, then looks around a bit and YES! He yawns in the cutest, most adorable way with his paws all sticking out! I've seen this many times but never caught it on tape. Last, but not least, he does his eye boggling thing again.

I've never had any yawn-pictures until tuesday, now I have a yawn-video as well! And eye boggling caught on camera too, wow! I'm sorry about the rotated image but this was the only way I could get my camera to fit in between the cage bars and the cutest rat ever :-p


  1. Haha, I've never ever seen a rat stretch and yawn! He's super cute! :D

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  3. Aww he's adorable, thanks for sharing :)


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