Sunday, June 3, 2012

Glitter gradient

For the next couple of days, I wanted something really flashy on my nails. I have a neat manicure planned for later this week, when I have to go on exam. But neat is also boring, so I thought my new polish Rainbow Apparition would make a nice gradient. First, I painted my nails two coats of the L'Oreal Paris Ingenuous Rose. It's not really opaque after two coats, but that wasn't necessary for the gradient I had in mind. 


The flash always adds some blue to the picture, but I think none of my pictures really show the true color of this polish. The first one comes really close though. 

I'm having a lazy day, I did the gradient by applying thin coats, each one staying closer to the tip of the nail. 



Both polishes have that handy fan brush that makes it possible to paint your nails in two strokes or less. It really makes it easier to get a smooth surface. The L'Oreal polish isn't very opaque, but it dries fast enough to make a third coat not too much trouble. 

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  1. Love this color, too bad it's not a 2-coater because I've been looking for a pretty light pink. That gradient takes care of the VNL problem nicely, though! Great look :)


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