Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fabulous blogger award!

This is a total love fest, especially the last part of the post =D Kelly over at Dysfunctionally Functional thought I deserved this blogger award for having a great blog. I'm not sure if I would call it great, but I think I do okay =D A big hug for the sweetest Kelly, who is an awesome blogger herself!

The rules for accepting the award:

Post the rules on your blog.
Name five of your most fabulous moments, either in real life or in the blogosphere.
Name five things you love.
Name five things you hate.
Pass the ribbon on to five other bloggers. (Leave them a comment to notify them of their win.)

5 Fabulous Moments

1.    When a friend asked me if I wanted to adopt two rats. A friend of her had adopted two
       from yet another friend but she turned out to be allergic. It took some convincing to get 
       my dad to allow it, but my rats have become my very best friends, maybe even like my 
2.    Graduating (both times, does that count as one?)
3.    When I was having a shopping spree slash sleepover with a friend and she made me 
       rediscover the wonderful world of nail polish! (same friend as nr. 1 by the way, she's
4.    Feeling my friendship with my boyfriend (who wasn't my boyfriend back then) develop 
       into more. It was very confusing but also exciting and wonderful.
5.    It didn't feel fabulous at the time, but when I took 6 months off from school to deal with 
       some stuff. I got the time to find myself and it has made me happier and stronger.

5 Things I Love

1.    My ratty friends
2.    Great smells, like the smell of rain or cut grass or my skin after sunbathing (that's not 
       sweat, seriously)
3.    Feeling like I've done something useful
4.    Warmth. I am not a happy person when I'm cold
5.    Nail polish. Especially when it's free =D

5 Things I Hate

1.    People who don't give a damn, whether it's about their spelling or the terrible noise they 
       seem to HAVE to make. There are other people in the world, it's not just you. (7 billion 
       people going "What? Really?")
2.    I don't know which I hate more: cooking or having to eat so many times a day. After 5 
       dry, gritty sandwiches and still being hungry, I'm kind of over the whole eating thing.
3.    Someone kicking or ticking against my chair
4.   Being sick
5.   Being cold

5 Other Bloggers
I would love to give this award to Kelly for being absolutely sweet and great but she already knows how I feel about her, so I'll pay it forward.

Jme and Ev
Rainbowify Me

A big hug for these five bloggers, you have all been so sweet to me in some way, I just wanted to say thank you *flashes a dazzling smile that makes your heart light up* (darn, I wish I had a smile like that)

And ofcourse a big hug to all ye who read this, just by being here, you have proven to be the coolest blog readers!

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