Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Animal Abuse Awareness nail art

It's Animal Abuse Awareness Week until saturday, and this is an important issue for me so I wanted to tell you something about it. Firstly, I'm wearing purple nails all week, because the color of the ribbon against animal abuse is purple. I care a lot about animals. And I do mean A LOT. They put a smile on my face, make me say 'ahwww' a lot and make me marvel at the miracle of the universe, just by looking at how their fur consist of millions of tiny hairs making a soft surface, how amazingly small or big their paws are and how perfectly coordinated and balanced their movements can be. They are simply amazing. I look at my rats and I feel the love that I have for them, and they find their own way to show their love for me. So for me, it is simply unbelievable why anyone would want to hurt an animal. Some people hit their pets, and some people abuse their pets by overfeeding them. Having a pet in an unsuited environment like a small apartment or a tiny cage can also be considered abuse. Or treating cattle badly (before eating them) or even seeing a wild animal suffer and not doing anything.

In my opinion, animal abuse is a worse thing than sickness. Animal abuse is something that a person chooses to do. Something that we can prevent if we all work together. So please, keep this somewhere in the back of your mind and think about it sometimes, when you see a fat dog with sausages for paws or a pigeon that has been run over and is lying in the gutter waiting for death. Think of the wonderful experiences that animals bring us, and then think about what you can do, like calling animal rescue or making people aware of what they are doing to their animal.

Okay, now on to the nail part of my message!

I didn't have much time, so it's a quicky (nail art wise). It started out as a disaster but I managed to turn it around, even if it was just a little bit. I painted my nails with my lilac/purple, but that turned out darker than I wanted it to. I knew I wanted to do something with paws, but I just couldn't get it visualized in my head how I wanted it. I played around with some ideas, but most took too much time, which I didn't have. I lost so much time debating what to make that I had to hurry up and sponge some darker purple on the tips and make some paws very quickly on my thumbs and ring fingers.

The pics show it a little more blue than it actually is. I wish I had more time to make something better, but for now, this is on my nails.

Opinions in 3... 2... 1....

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