Friday, March 20, 2015

Glitter rainbow birds nail art

A little bit of freehand, but also the nail vinyl effect... I used Liquid Palisade to paint this nail art design! How? Come check out the video tutorial to find out!

You might recognize this background from my double gradient glitter rainbow nail art (try saying that ten times fast!). I liked the plain gradient but you know me, I always have to do 'something' more! So I chose to do these birds on top of it. Smart choice? I don't know... I'll leave it up to you to decide ;-)

The glitter is the ever so pretty China Glaze Glistening Snow, sadly this is not available anymore so I'm looking for a dupe to suggest to you. I haven't found one yet...
On top of that is China Glaze Fairy Dust and all of the OPI sheer tints in different combinations to make new colors.

I did a trick with Liquid Palisade by Kiesque to simulate a nail vinyl, but in my own design, different every time. But it's really easy! Just paint your chosen shape with liquid latex, let it dry, paint a coat of nail polish over it and remove the latex immediately, before the polish dries. I used Picture Polish Black and I top coated it using HK Girl top coat from Glisten&Glow that I buy from Hypnotic Polish.

Music is "Sunflower Dance Party" by Kevin MacLeod
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