Sunday, March 22, 2015

Glow in the dark threat message nail art

Ooooh more scary stuff! I love glow in the dark nail art that has a different meaning in the dark than it does in the light. I made this creepy shadow, and the monsters under the bed. I thought I should make some new ones like this... click to see more!

All of it is freehand (what else :-p) and painted with a new brush I've been trying out. It's the Roubloff 00 that I got from Adnails Manucure (it's a French shop) but Roubloff is a Russian brand so they sell it in lots of other countries as well. I'd say do a little Google search for it to find a place that will ship to you!

Because man oh man, this brush is SO worth it. I feel like I've found my holy grail of brushes. I've painted tiny text before, and it was still hard with the Roubloff but this brush moves where my eyes look, and how my hands move it. It doesn't shift, or bend, or do other weird things. It paints exactly what I have in mind. I LOVE it!
It says:
"If the light goes out,
you will see my threat.
Forget the lies,
just pay your debt."

This message broke my brain, I swear! I worked on it for three days, making little drawings of nails and writing it out to see how it would look. I never do that, so go figure.

I used Amazing Chic Nails Little Gucci Dress as the base color, which looks a little bit like a chalkboard when it's mattified!
And then when the light does go out.... it says "I will get you"

Ofcourse the words still had to line up in the dark as well, that was the biggest challenge of all, I think! I didn't want 'get' to be above 'will' when I lined up all four of my nails. And I also wanted the glow words to be part of longer words in the light, so you wouldn't immediately see the secret message.

All in all, this was a real challenge!
I did really want to make a video but I ran out of time and energy and so you guys will just have to do without a video this time. It would have been impossible to paint the tiny tiny letters with the camera three inches away from my nail anyways...

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