Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Shellfish nail art

These nails are so shellfish! Why clam't they just get along? XD

I made a smooshy base using Serum No. 5 Laven-daringly Bright & Blue Blazes as well as Picture Polish Instinct & Tingle. I'll post a tutorial on my Instagram tomorrow to show how I did it!

I painted the shellfish with acrylic paint and my Winstonia Fine Lines & Berry Wine brushes.
The gloooow!! I used Serum No. 5 Laven-daringly Bright and Blue Blazes for the shells too, with the addition of Glowin' of Eden. I also used Atomic Peach for the soft squishy part of the clams, and Guiding Light for the eyes (because I couldn't just leave them dark). Laven-daringly Bright is a bit on the softer side of the glow spectrum, while the others do a really bright job!! They are the brightest glows I've ever seen!

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