Thursday, September 27, 2012

How I swatch my polishes

Here's my way of swatching:

I have a rather elaborate, but cool way of swatching. Can I run it by you step by step? (if not, just don't continue reading)

1. I take a nail wheel, like in the picture above. They come in round or oval shapes, some are transparent and others are white. They're not expensive and mine has 20 nails on a wheel.

2. I break off the nails. I'll just show you how I swatched my new polishes, so three is all I need right now. 

3. I take my Dremel, and I shave off the rough edges so it has a nail shape again. Sometimes I'll also file the edges to make them even smoother. 

4. The Dremel helps me make holes in the nails. I love my Dremel :D

5. Those are my new polishes, with the nails in front of them. Now I'm going to paint those. 

6. Usually, it takes one thick coat or two normal ones to get a swatch painted. I pick up the nail with pliers so my own nails don't get painted accidentally. 

7. And then they look like this! I hang them on a ring and put them in my polish case. 

I don't have many polishes so this method works fine for me. It's not expensive but it is kind of time consuming if you like to buy a lot of polishes. It's easy for me to see which swatch is from which polish, because of the small size of my stash. And also, I like to hold my swatches in my hands and look at the pretty colors and the glitters. They're pretty and I feel happy looking at my beautiful polishes :D

How do you swatch your polishes?

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