Friday, September 28, 2012

Purple & silver stamping

Another stamping adventure, straight from the fingertips of Narmai! The design is something I wouldn't ordinarily wear, it's not really my style, but I think it's a perfect stamping exercise and it looks pretty good! Except for my left thumb... I made a boo-boo on that thumb.

For some reason, the right hand turned out better than the left again. Look at the left hand below:

And compare it to my right hand on these pics:

My right thumb worked out great, except for the design being just a little bit too small for my huge thumb nail. But the transfer worked very well and the image was sharp on the purple. Must also be my super awesome silver polish, that is now REALLY empty, instead of just empty. I used a brush to get the last bit out. 

And also, see the boo-boo on my other thumb:

I wore my nails like this to the movies and got a lot of compliments. The purple polish is Lisbon from Herôme. It has a bit of shimmer when the light hits it right, very visible in the sun. The bottle looks kind of weird shaped on the picture above, don't you think?

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