Friday, September 21, 2012

Pink and purple gradient + stamping, round 2!

After wearing my previous stamping for a few hours, it started to remind me of Barbie. You should now that I never played with dolls as a little girl. EVER.

I got a doll once that said some words, like 'mommy' and 'hungry'. It was broken within two days. I've never liked dolls, I've never had the urge to feed a Baby Born stuff through its mouth and watch it come out the bottom, thank you very much. I only had a fake barbie that had bright pink hair, like head ache pink, a hole in her face that had the exact location of a beauty mark and her right had was missing. I loved her for a while. 

But okay, my dislike towards Barbies is big. So walking around with Barbie nails, I was not a happy camper. I couldn't stand my idea of a beautiful gradient turning ugly and I had to be able to do better. Behold!

I've chosen to photograph my other hand because for some weird reason my left hand (which was stamped using my right, dominant hand) was way worse than my right. I didn't do perfectly on this one. I guess I was tired or something, I did better last time. Let's just call it a fluke :-p

Still... don't you think this one is better than the last one? The colors of the gradient are a bit more vibrant, I used a different pink. Looking at the colors, you'd think Barbie too, but somehow it doesn't get that association in my head. 

Which mani reminds you more of Barbie? The first one or this one?

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