Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My rats' favorite sleeping spot

If you ever decide to adopt a rat, keep this is mind: they LOVE to sleep in a sputnik. That's a plastic house that you hang from the cage bars or you can just put it on the floor of the cage. Here's what four of them look like:

In each of these is a sleepy rat! I guess they're just.... hanging around! In the pink and yellow one is Tarzan, one of the babies. Behind him in the yellow and purple one is his brother, Tchaikovsky. 

The big guys are in the front, Merlijn is in the green one (sleeping on top of his head) and my darling Chuck is in the black and grey one. That leaves Noah! I didn't have a sputnik for him so he found a place in a different plastic house on the bottom of the cage, far far away from his brothers. 

My poopies have a good life with me :D

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