Monday, September 10, 2012

Rainbow cake!

Look how pretty! 

It's my rainbow cake! I made it for my boyfriend's birthday (lucky guy, isn't he?). His parents were hosting a barbecue this weekend and all of his family was there. He mentioned something a looong while ago about a rainbow cake and how cool he thought that was. 

It took a crap load of effort so I won't be doing this again soon! I had to bake each layer separately, that alone took hours. I put them all on top of eachother without icing, because he doesn't like that (and neither do I). I melted some chocolate and covered the cake with it. 

Apparently it tasted good because even though we cut tiny little pieces for everyone, there was just a tiny quarter left when we went home. 

And it's the Loch Ness monster on top of the cake! This idea is actually from a friend who made Nessie on top of a cupcake once. I liked it so much that I replicated it, but bigger. Hers was better, though.

It tasted really good and it looked even better!

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