Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Wood stamping nail art

I'm getting ready for fall and what better way than to stamp a wood grain pattern on your nails? Okay, so it doesn't look like real wood, it looks like really cheap fake wood, but I like the colors and the fact that I got to use one of my new polishes.

I think this stamping design was supposed to be a zebra or some other animal print, but I saw wood and I made wood. I didn't like the shiny look of the 'wood', so I added my matte top coat to it. Only... I have one from Hema, not a brand I'm willing to buy again. Those of you who follow me on Facebook have seen the post of me asking to recommend a different brand. Well, this is why. I started out with my left pinky and that turned out perfectly. It's just the other nine fingers that were only half matte and too shiny for my taste. I was just about to take off the polish out of desperation when I decided to do some experimenting and see how it would look if I used a sponge to apply the matte top coat. It turned out rather okay. I like the texture this technique gives to the 'wood', but it's still shinier than my perfectly mattified pinky.

I'm also looking for a new white polish, the one I have now is also from Hema. Do you have a favorite white polish?

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