Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Polish rack

Check out my new polish rack! It's not for storing all of my polishes, just for showcasing those that I am very fond of. Isn't it cute?

In the top row: left and right are my four favorite polishes from the Sally Hansen Gem Crush collection! I won these in a giveaway from Glitter Obsession.

In the middle is my Gosh rainbow, I got three of them from my mom, one from a friend (way before I started my polish addiction), the yellow Catrice is the first polish I bought when I did get addicted over a year ago and the blue Gosh is from Leeuwarden, when I went to the very northern part of our little country and had to stay the night there with my mom, we were going to look at a college there. 

I won the left Finger Paints bottle in Life In Color's giveaway. On the right side, you see my two Essie bottles that I bought with my birthday money. 

The pink and red/orang-y polishes were a belated birthday present from my aunt. I painted her nails right away but forgot to take pictures *facepalm* On the right side, the olive green one, was a present from my boyfriend last year when he wasn't my boyfriend. I was really surprised to get polish from him, especially because he strongly dislikes any nail stuff. Or anything to do with beauty or fashion, for that matter. There was another bottle but I have it loaned out to a friend so I'll get it back eventually.

On the shelf below that are the polishes I gave away in my summer giveaway. I really love these and I'm proud that another set of these have a happy home with Alles.

Finally, we have the left polish from Koh, this was free because my dad got his christmas bonus in the shape of a giftcard to a department store with a beauty store in it, and he doesn't like shopping so me and my mom got to spend it :D It's my first holographic and I LOVE it. It was also one of the prizes of my graduation giveaway!

On the right is one of the polishes I won from Plisherrific. They're all pretty and I've used all of them already, except for this one and I'm deeply ashamed of it. You'll see it soon though! And seeing it all day will remind me to imagine some nice nail art.

Looking at these polishes, I feel happy and lucky and rich. Especially because I didn't pay for them :D All of these polishes mean something special to me. And when I know this combination by heart, I will fill the rack with other color combinations, like all of my fall colors!

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