Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tutorial - Sprouting mushrooms nail art

Are you ready for some cute nail art? Totally in the spirit of the fall season, I drew these mushrooms on my nails!

And for the first time in a long time, I remembered to take pictures during the making of this nail art so I could make a tutorial for you all! Click the image for a larger view. 

Before taking these steps, paint your nails with any nude polish. 
1. Paint your tips a light grey
2. Take two polishes, I chose red and orange, to paint the caps of the mushrooms
3. Draw the stems with a white polish
4. Using a tiny dotting tool (a tooth pick or a needle will do) to make the dots on the mushrooms
If you like, draw black outlines around the mushrooms. I used a fineliner for these outlines, but you need to let it dry really really well before adding a top coat or you will smear the whole thing to a smudge!

Which do you like best: with or without outlines?

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