Saturday, October 13, 2012

Nail art anniversary

Wow, how time flies! I totally forgot the anniversary of me re-starting the painting of my nails. I used to do it as a young girl, like pre-teens, but then my interest faded and I didn't re-discover it until over a year ago, when I was visiting a friend at her student accommodation. She had a lot of Rimmel London bottles in cute colors and well, I've always been a sucker for color. She painted my nails a bright yellow and I was sold.

In no time, I bought myself a bottle of yellow polish, it was a Catrice, called Bye Bye Birdie. I painted my nails plainly for a while, and I had never heard of the term nail art when I decided to paint a yellow T on my purple nails because it's the logo of an amusement park I was doing an assignment for.

I had gotten a bottle of glittery purple Gosh from my mom and when I was looking at the colors, I suddenly saw the logo in it. Thus my first nail art was born:

My classmates loved it and were joking about painting all of their nails for the next client meeting, including the nails of our teacher (who was a guy, a grumpy one). I showed it to the clients and they loved it, they thought I was very dedicated :-p

So that's my story! My nail art anniversary. Do you have a special story to share?

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