Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Blood splatter nail art

Happy Halloween! I chose this super fun-to-do mani for my final Halloween themed nail art. There are lots of tutorials on how to do this kind of splatter nail art, basically you just put a straw (the kind you drink through) in your polish, point at your nail and blow through it! It's so much fun and the result is stunning.

It's hard for me to do nail art like this, when I can't determine in advance how exactly it will look, it gives me stress :-p It turned out pretty awesome though, and I think I'll do this again with other colors.

Above is my left hand, the pictures below are from my right hand. As you can see, each nail is completely different. When the splatters didn't position exactly as I wanted and I couldn't get another splatter going in the right place, I painted a tiny bit on with the left over polish on the straw. You can't see the difference but it filled up the white spots a bit. 

My base color was Essie Blanc, which I want do be doing a review on soon. For the splatters, I used a Hema color, because it's a very thin polish that splatters easily. You don't want a thick polish because it won't splatter. Also, cleanup around the cuticles is a bitch so you might want to tape them off or cover them in vaseline for easy cleanup.

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