Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween nail art - with rats!

Counting down to Halloween, this is my second-to-last Halloween themed mani. It's inspired by someone's nail art, I just don't remember whose. I read a lot of blogs! And whenever I see something I'd like to try, I save the image or make a screenshot. I never use those images on my blog, I only show you my own pictures. When it's an exact remake, I try to credit the original nail artist.

This mani is almost exactly like the one I saw, except for the thumbs! There was no thumb included in the picture so I drew a rat on my thumb nails. Most people find rats pretty scary so I thought they would fit nicely. I'm very proud of the way they turned out!

Ofcourse I sent the last picture to the woman from whom I adopted most of my rats. When I mentioned that I didn't understand how I could paint my right thumb better even though I was using my left hand (and I'm right-handed, usually), she explained to me that 'rat people are just a bit odd'. Oh, so that's what I am!

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