Friday, October 19, 2012

My stash!

You might be sick of my stash posts, but I'm just so happy with my 'small' collection of polishes. I say small because there are so many awesome bloggers with many more polishes in their stash. But I remember where every single polish in my stash came from, when I bought or got it, how much it cost and how the polish applies. You might say I have a personal bond with my polishes.

I'm kind of mental when it comes to things you can count and measure. I have a total of 83 polishes. I've only bought 24 of these polishes over the last year, so that means that 59 bottles were completely free! Of those free polishes, I had 13 bottles that are over 10 years old, they are what I call my 'ancient' stash. I've also had 7 for free, like with gift cards and credit saving programs. I've gotten 19 polishes as a present, so cool!

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