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Amazing Chic Nails - Autumn collection

Hey ladies! You might remember my review of Amazing Chic Nails Rare Sunny Day, and now I have a complete collection to share with you! Yay! Fiona asked me to show off her Autumn collection, and by golly, it's gorgeous :D So click click click to check out my swatches and read my review!

Amazing Chic Nails hails from Canada, and it's a pretty new brand. It's only been around since last March, but you wouldn't tell that from the way these polishes handle! They are vegan, cruelty-free, and products are never tested on animals.

She ships internationally, but if you don't see your country as a shipping option, let me know or send a quick email to contactamazingchic@gmail.com and it will be added so you can order your beautiful polishes the regular way!
School Uniform

Ahhhh deep blue gorgeousness! School Uniform is a good one, guys! It's opaque in two coats, it's easy to clean up around the edges and it has this nice deep blue shimmer that just makes my mind wander.
Look. At. That. Shimmer! I really like this. Application was smooth and easy, and no staining despite the deep color. There were absolutely no troubles with this polish whatsoever. I keep looking for issues when I try out a new brand, but nope! Smooth sailing all the way ;-)
The biggest problem that I had with this polish was just that it has the word 'School' in the name, haha! I'm so glad to be free of school stress, and I have a lot of time to spend with my pretty polishes!
The Lake District

It just keeps getting better! Look at this! The Lake District is a gorgeous sea blue jelly with lots of holo sparkles and holo gold hex glitters.
I freaking LOVE this! It's sparkly and pretty. I'm really quite simple when it comes to polish. Does it sparkle? I like it. Does it have a pretty color? I like it!
The only downside was that it needed 4 coats for this level of opacity, and I can still see my nail line. So I would recommend taking your time for this one, or using a different color (like School Uniform, hint hint) as a base color.
And I just HAVE to show you more of these holo glitters! I took this picture with a bright LED light at an angle, to show off the sparklies!
Picadilly Circus

Speaking of sparklies... here's something interesting. Picadilly Circus is a black polish, and there's something holo about it, but it's not your regular run-of-the-mill linear or even scattered holo. Nooo it's not regular at all! It's a kind of holo shard, but tiny, you won't feel it at all. But when the light hits it, man oh man! Holo central!
Here it is, visible in normal daylight conditions. Doesn't that look gorgeous already? I happen to really like dark colors, so the Autumn collection is right up my alley :D
In some lighting, this polish appears a deep charcoal hue. I like that as well, it's multi-faceted! Two thin coats was all I needed to get this result, although one thicker one would have probably done the trick too. It was smooth sailing all the way, you can't feel the holo 'shards' because they're so tiny, so you're left with a smooth result. And now hold on to your seats, because...
... I wanna show you the holo! Hello! The LED light came to play again and it's showing off the holo sparkles perfectly! I love this!
Falling Leaves

On a base of Picadilly Circus, I'm showing you one coat of Falling Leaves. This glitter topper consists of various brown, gold, red, and orange glitters, like little autumn leaves!
The glitters needed some placement, but overall it was pretty easy to get a nice coats of evenly distributed glitters. I see a lot of these glitter toppers bubble (I have a sharp eye for bubbles because I HATES DEM) but no way that there were bubbles in this one! It also dried really well so I was impressed!
I'm not sure if the look suits me, but I love fall as a season for decorating so the glitters resembling leaves definitely give me the warm and fuzzies inside. Stormy days, chilly evenings on the couch with a warm blanket, long walks through the beautiful fall foliage... who else wants fall to hurry up and get here?!

King's Road

Oomph! This is really not my color! But it has a certain 'je ne sais qoi' so let me break it down for you: King's Road is a gold shimmer that leans towards a mustardy color. I've been seeing this color a lot for the fall collections so it's really in place for the season.
I can't deny that this shimmer has 'schwung'. It's definitely gorgeous from up close, I can just see you sitting for hours with your nails close to your eyes, just looking!
I used three coats to get this level of opacity, which isn't odd for a light colored shimmer. The formula is excellent to work with, this gave me a happy surprise!
10 Downing Street

I'm showing you one coat of 10 Downing Street over a base of King's Road. This glitter topper has a mix of black, white and red hex glitters in various sizes. They look a bit chaotic but fun at the same time!
Oooh I like this macro! There's a lot going on in this polish, just one coat will give you lots of glitters to play with. I only had to place the red glitters for an evenly distributed look, the white and black ones found their way on their own, really easily!
Good, good polish. No problems using it, just easy coats and a fun look!
Sound Of The Underground

Okay, if you've been following me for a while, you probably might have seen me mention that I'm not a fan of red. But like Picadilly Circus, this red polish has the same holo 'shards' that give it a gorgeous sparkle that, well... it can probably be seen from space, haha!
Again, these tiny flake holo thingies are so small they can't be felt through the surface of the polish. So if you're done with your mani, feel free to use a top coat but you won't need it for the smoothness!
If you're a lover of red, this is the polish for you. It's so, SO easy to apply, and it's a must-have for any polish collection.

Check out the next picture for the extreme sparkliness!
Wait, what?? What are you still doing here? Go visit the Amazing Chic Nails website!!! You know you want to ;-) And don't forget to follow her on FacebookTwitter and Instagram!!

Remember that Amazing Chic Nails DOES ship internationally, and if you don't see your country as a shipping option, let me know or send a quick email to contactamazingchic@gmail.com and it will be added so you can order your beautiful polishes the regular way!

Thanks so much for reading and a big thanks to Fiona, for letting me play with your pretties!!

I received all of the polishes in this article as a press sample for an honest review. Opinions expressed are 100% my own and not influenced in any way other than the quality of the product itself.  

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