Thursday, September 25, 2014

Sugar spun on top of flocking powder nail art

Hey girls! By now, you know about my need for nail experiments. So I was wondering, how would the babies look if a sugar spun mani and a flocking powder mani got together? Here they are! Click to see the rest of the pics, plus a video tutorial!

So they're kind of crazy babies, but I think they look cool! It actually stays on really well, but maybe that's just the awesome polish I used for my sugar spun effect. This also gave me the opportunity to compare brands of flocking powder, and turns out my pink and purple that I got at a craft store, are much easier to work with than the ones I got from KKCenterHK. Anyways, let's get to the instructions so you can get to work on your own experiment!

I started out with Paws By Eddie The NeedWant as my base color and let it dry thoroughly. Now work one nail at a time! Apply a top coat, and while it's wet, dip your nail into the flocking powder. Pat down the flocking powder to make it really stick. Brush off the excess with a dry, firm brush.
Time for the sugar spun! I put down a few drops of Amazing Chic Nails Picadilly Circus, this is a deep black polish with holographic shards and I'd hoped that it would give a nice extra effect. Wait a while to let the polish get really goopy. You need it thick and goopy so you can pull strings from it using your dotting tool (mine is from Christrio Scotland). Do take plenty of time for this, if the polish isn't goopy enough, you won't get nice strings.

Pick up a bit of polish, and when it creates a nice string, drape that over the nail. Repeat until you're satisfied with the result, and clean up around the cuticles. You can top coat, but it will defeat the whole effect!

Music "Sugar In My Coffin" by Curtis Eller
Available on the Free Music Archive
Under CC BY license

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