Thursday, September 18, 2014

Gradient paths with Picture Polish (plus video tutorial!)

Hey ladies! For my birthday, I got a gift card for a Dutch online store called Pretty Polish. I used this gift card to buy myself Picture Polish Shocked and Cosmos, to accompany my other PP shades. Check out what I made with them!

For this gradient, I used Picture Polish Shocked, Shy Violet, Ocean and Cosmos. They make the perfect color combo! I used a white base underneath because these polishes are very jelly-like, so not high on the opacity.
Making these is actually really easy! I have a video tutorial way down here *points down to the end of the post* and I'll explain it to you in detail ;-)

First, apply your white base color and let it dry thoroughly. Tape off your cuticles to minimize cleanup afterwards, I use scotch tape and medical tape (it's nice and pliable).
Time for the gradient! Paint stripes of your chosen colors on the sponge, making them overlap a bit, and gently roll the sponge over your nail to make the gradient. Yes, I roll, I don't dab or stab. Rolling gives me more control, and makes the colors blend nicely. When you've achieved the look you want, remove the tape and put top coat on your gradient nails.

Take some white acrylic paint and paint the outsides of your path. My brush is from Christrio Scotland. Start with the outline and then will in the shape. When that's dry, outline the paths with black. Top coat and you're done!

I deeply love this song by the way :D

Music "Pianochocolate - Atlantis" by Pianochocolate
Available on the Free Music Archive
Under CC BY license

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