Thursday, September 4, 2014

Amazon parrot twin nails with @nailsandtowel!

Hey girls! I had the pleasure of doing twin nails with the lovely, sweet and talented Katia @nailsandtowel. She has a yellow fronted Amazon parrot named Luna, and I have a blue fronted Amazon called Bartje, so ofcourse we HAD to go for parrot nails XD Click to see more!

We used this image from for our inspiration, and we both added a word that each of our parrots says most. In my case, Bartje says 'OMG!' a lot, he picked it up in my teen years!

Our index and pinkie nails have real feathers from our pets. I think they turned out really cool! Very cute, and Katia did an amazing job!!! She has a blog too, so I invite you to check it out!

I hand painted my artwork using acrylic paint and my Pure Color Glamour #1 detail brush. I altered the bird design a little bit to look more like my Bartje, so the yellow head is now green and he has a blue forehead, with yellow right behind it and yellow around the eyes too. The background is a gradient with China Glaze Sunday Funday, OPI Alpine Snow and OPI Mermaid Tears.

I've included a video of Bartje, my blue fronted amazon. He can say a lot of different things but lately he doesn't learn new words, I think he's too old (he's about 43 years) or too lazy :-p He can say things like mama, papa, ik kan praten (I can talk), for Bartje, ja, koppiekrauw and more. He can make various sounds and he even whistles! I tried to capture a bunch of things in one video, basically it's just two minutes of a really cute parrot! Enjoy!

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