Monday, September 22, 2014

Four seasons nail art with animals

Hey lovelies! I was in the mood for some super detailed art again... boy, did I regret it halfway through! I found this gorgeous four paneled watercolor painting by Hillary Luetkemeyer and I decided to recreate it. So come take a look at the close-ups, I swear it's worth it!

These represent the four seasons of the year! I don't have much to say with every picture, so I'll just put them here in large size so you can see all of the detail. All of this was painted using acrylic paint, and I used two brushes: my Pure Color Glamour #1 from Stylish Nail Art Shop and my brush from Christrio Scotland. If something looks wonky, please remember that this is all on a canvas the size of a freaking NAIL, and the eyes didn't work out right because the whole eye is about the size of a pin prick. Imagine that. So yeah! Enjoy!

So that's all of them! The background was sponged with a tiny bit of sponge that I cut off. Every nail took about 2 hours to paint. I like the stoat the very best, followed closely by the crows on my pinky. They were the first I painted, the other two nails came later when my concentration was waning.

Which one is your favorite?

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