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Parrot Polish is da bomb! Swatches & review

Hey ladies! So today, we have an indie brand called Parrot Polish,and it's run by a GUY. Yeap! He has his own idea about polish and based on my experience with these polishes, it ROCKS :D So click to see my swatches and read my review!

Heehee look at that picture :-p I was totally risking my fingers by doing this in Bartje's cage, he does NOT like people coming into his cage and messing around. He was very interested in what I was doing anyways, so I had to be quick!

Based out of Florida, Parrot Polish is run by David and his wife. They're a great team and the customer service is top notch. I received three polishes a few weeks ago and they weren't up to snuff. David was very cool about it, went to work on the formula immediately and sent out replacements to customers. I received 5 new ones to give a better baseline for the quality of his polishes, plus a gift! Check it out!

Aeon Flux

Can you say one coater? Because Aeon Flux is just that! Actually, you'll see a lot of that in this review. And I'm not even joking.

Aeon Flux is a black polish with a scattered holo which means it looks more like a deep charcoal color. It has an awesome effect in just regular indoor lighting, like 3D sparkles.
I mean.... look! So pretty! It dries so well too and it's a really easy formula to work with. Applying it is super easy because of the self-leveling and the wide brush is very convenient. It just handled like a dream!
I used a top coat on top for extra shine, because while it does dry rock hard, it loses a bit of its shine and a top coat gives it some extra pizzazz.
In sunlight, the holo effect is different, more rainbow-y. I love it!


Triangulum is a black polish with tiny holographic glitters as well as holographic silver hexes in the mix. It's just enough to have a holo sparkle here and there, to get a subtle but awesome effect.
As you can see there's only a few of those rainbow-y, holo-y hexies floating around. They're the surprise element about this polish! Looks like a normal black polish from afar, and then come closer and see the pretty pretty sparkles!
This is another one coater guys. I swear this brand just knocks it out of the park!!! Cleanup was a breeze, it was also super easy to apply and it dried very quickly (but not so quickly that it gets hard to apply, duhh.

Another black? Yes, but don't mix these puppies up because Andromeda is in a different class. It looks purple-ish in the bottle, and that's because of the super gorgeous holographic purple hex glitters that are in this black base!
You can see them really clearly in the macro over here. From a distance, you won't notice them so much because they blend into the black base. But from up close or at the right angle and BAM holo rainbows! I love that about this polish!
With a less obvious nail line (c'mon, mine is just obnoxious), one coat would probably do fine. I chose to apply two coats to cover up the annoying nail line that is unfortunately attached to my fingers. *le sigh*

It can get a bit bumpy so I applied a nice coat of top coat on top to smooth out the glitters.
Key Lime

Ahhhh Key Lime, how I love you! Perfect color and you know what.... it's a one coater!!! This is getting ridiculous, don't you think?
Just to keep it boring and ridiculous, this one was also really easy to apply. My coat had some irregularities when it was dry though, it looked a bit bumpy but it didn't feel that way. Anyway, I put a top coat over it and all was well with the world :D
Heyyy and look at that, matchy matchy with my shirt! It's such a coincidence! I was wearing a different shirt before taking the pictures but a little accident with one of my fur babies forced me to change into something else. And so the match was born! Also the first time you're seeing my hair on this blog, I think. First time for everything!

Momma Luv

Ofcourse I luuuuuuv this one! David added this polish in as a gift for my mom. Isn't that the sweetest?

It's called Momma Luv because ofcourse in David's head, my last name is Luv. I know a lot of people refer to me as Piggie all the time, and to be honest, I really don't mind! It's cute! So David refers to my mom as Momma Luv, and my parrot is now called Bartje Luv.
It has a touch of holo, and a touch of shimmer, and mostly it's just really sophisticated. I can't wait to do my mom's nails with this polish, but since I only received the package yesterday and she's been out all weekend, that's kinda hard to do, isn't it?
The quality of this polish is great. Easy to apply, it took two coats and it dried really well! I did apply a top coat for extra shine but that's not really cheating... I think... :-p


Aaaand ofcourse I have had the Lorde song 'Royals' in my head all day just because of the name of this polish. My head works in annoying ways.

Royalty is a well.... royal purple polish with a bit of holo glitters and a couple of gold flakies. Although I have to say, I didn't really see the flakies outside of the bottle.
The holo glitters make it look so outstanding! I used three coats to get the fully opaque look you're seeing here, and they were really easy coats. Smooth sailing all the way, baby!
So what are you waiting for? Get your butt over to the Parrot Polish website and order up a couple of these birds!!!! They ship internationally now, you know ;-) If you're addicted like me, you can also choose to follow this brand on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, aaaaand Tumblr *stops to take a breath*

Thanks for reading and watching, my loves! And ofcourse a big thank you to David and Sonja for letting me share their beauties with you all!!!

I received all of the Parrot Polishes in this article as a press sample for an honest review. Opinions expressed are 100% my own and not influenced in any way other than the quality of the product itself.  

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