Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas cottage nail art

Hey dudes and dudettes!! Almost Christmas time! Who's excited?? I painted this little landscape silhouette onto Smitten Polish Nose So Bright, but boy did I get a surprise when I put top coat on my art... Click to read & see more, plus a video tutorial!

See this picture? This is how my clean, white silhouette looked before I put top coat over it. Yeah. Nose So Bright is a stainer!! I used two coats of red holo, a thick coat of HK Girl top coat and I spent two hours painting my silhouette using white acrylic paint and my Basic Gold One detail brush from Christrio Scotland. Then when I put another coat of HK Girl on it... quickly turned an awful shade of... well... stain! It looks like the stains came up right through my top coat and into the white paint, because wherever the paint was thicker, it didn't stain, or stained less.

Despite the awful awful staining, this polish is a stunner!!! I love the amazing holo and it would have won me over to the side of red (which I'm normally not a fan of), if it wasn't for the... staining. A polish isn't much good to me if I can't do nail art on top of it.
I don't have any real instructions for this design, just a tip: keep watching the proportions of your silhouette and you'll be fine!

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