Saturday, December 27, 2014

We have snow! Icicle nail art

The unbelievable happened today, I woke up and the world was white! It hardly ever snows in this country! I had these huge icicles hanging from my window this morning so I painted icicles. Click to see more!

So okay... I really hate snow. I used to love snow but snow and I broke up and it was an ugly breakup, so now I hate snow. But the view from my window was kind of cool so I thought I'd just do a quick, simple design to show you!

The white tips are the like the floor, or the snow on my window sil. And with some imagination, you can see the glitters (which is China Glaze Fairy Dust) in the background like snowflakes in the distance. All of it was done using acrylic paint.
Here's how to paint these: apply your base coat and a coat of glitter polish and let it dry. Paint the basic shape of your icicles in white, make the icicles uneven lengths and leave some space in between them.

When your white shape is dry, paint light blue accents to make the ice look thicker in some places. Add some cyan paint after that for more depth, and add a sparkle at the bottom of some icicles if you want.

You can choose to paint all of this on a base color or on natural nails like I did, if you chose the latter you might want to add french tips (my free edge looked very yellowish compared to the bright white paint).

When that's dry, top coat and you're done!

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