Saturday, December 6, 2014

Glow in the dark Christmas elf

Okay it's time for Christmas nail art! I wanted to wait until after Sinterklaas at least (I hope my Dutch girls had a nice pakjesavond!!!) and now I have this cool glow in the dark Christmas elf to show you! She's magical (although her face doesn't look very appealing in the light) and sweet and I really hope you like her once you get to know her a bit :) Click to see the pictures and a video!

The base for the whole mani is OPI Alpine Snow (because it's just so convenient) and the gorgeous glow in the dark glitter is
Different Dimension Imitation Is The Most Sincere Form Of Flattery, which is awesome if only for the name :D The glow is super strong, especially on a white backdrop, and the glittahh!!! I used nail vinyls to get a neat line because I never know what to do with my french tip nail vinyls anyways. I just don't fly that way. I got them in some nail mail and I figured this was a great way to use them!

Ofcourse, the whole mani glows in the dark. Like you weren't expecting that... Anyways, I used a whole bunch of glow polish for the elf. I used Parrot Polish Glow Grinch (green), Glow Santa (red, and this stuff is freaking amazing), Glow Blue, Glow Purple and Glow Green. Maybe I should have used a pinkish glowing polish for the skin but I was determined to use only Parrot Polish for this lady, to do David (the maker) a favor and cheer him up. So there you have it, folks. This fairy glows purple because of David.
Okay, but as I was saying, Glow Santa is the best thing in glow polish since... glow polish! It glows a pure red in the dark which means it has almost the same color as it does in the light. It's also really opaque (which I'm a big fan of) and the best part is, you can't see the glow pigment. AT ALL! Usually you can see the little tiny dots in the formula. With other polishes, these dots are also visible in the dark, like you see in the picture. But with Glow Santa, none of that happened. It's truly like magic, and it takes painting with glow polish to a whole new level. I wish to see more of this!
The glitter nails are really easy to make and you can choose any kind of glitter you want (I'm thinking red and green for Christmas!). Just follow the instructions! Tape off your cuticles to minimize cleanup afterwards, because glitter is awful to clean up. Place your nail vinyl on the nail in the desired position, and press it down. Make sure there are no air bubbles underneath.

Take a piece of makeup sponge and apply your glitter polish on it. Sponge the glitter onto the nail. Do another coat for more glitter, and yet another coat if you're a real addict. Remove the nail vinyl and the tape, top coat and you're done!

I've also included a slide show in the video of how I did the elf. It was too complicated to record it on video so I hope this way is okay too. At least it shows my process (although you can't see the invisible glow top coats...) and it's fun to watch! (and yes I know her face is messed up, it was way too tiny to paint)

Music "Adermnwendil the Elf" by MAT64
Available on the Free Music Archive
Under CC BY license

I received Parrot Polish Glow Grinch, Glow Santa, Glow Blue, Glow Purple and Glow Green as a press sample for an honest review. Opinions expressed are 100% my own and not influenced in any way other than the quality of the product itself.  

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