Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Cork board nail art video tutorial!!!

So.... I never ever ever ever do this, usually... but SO many people have been asking me for a video on how I did these cork board nails, that I just HAD to obey! I know most of you won't want to recreate this, so I tried to just make it a fun, happy video to watch and enjoy!

I used:
- Picture Polish Malt Teaser for the base
- Flat cork from the craft store & scissors
- Post-Its & notebook paper
- Box cutter
- Scissors
- Pencil
- Nail art detail brush & acrylic paint
- Metal pins & metal wire cutter
- A blob of nail polish
- Nail foil glue (turns clear when it's dry and sticky)
- Tiny mini-scissors
- Pliers

Cut off a piece of your flat cork and bend it a little bit so it will stick to the nail more easily later. Cut a tiny piece of Post-It and also a piece of notebook paper. Take this last little sheet, paint a square inside it and paint a little picture like it's a Polaroid!

Take two metal pins and cut them shorter, the length is up to you. Paint the top a cool color with nail polish and set aside to dry.

Apply the nail foil to your nail and wait until it's gone clear, so you'll know that it's dry and sticky. After it's dry, apply your cork to it, press, and then cut around the edges to make it fit!

Take your little Post-It and Polaroid and stick your pins through them. Now take the pins and stick them in the cork on your nail, you don't have to be too careful because the sharp ends are off and the cork and the nail polish underneath will keep it from damaging your nail.

Admire your work, you're done!

I don't believe that anybody will ACTUALLY recreate this but man oh man I did have fun making it!!! Also, see the original blog post of my cork board nails :)

Music is "Vivacity" by Kevin McLeod

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