Monday, October 12, 2015

3D mummy nail art for Halloween

Mummies are SO tense! I mean, they're all wound up! Haaaahahahahahahaha *rolling on the floor* Okay but all kidding aside, this 3D mummy nail art is ridiculous. Try it for yourself with the video tutorial I made! Click to see more!

I cut a piece of white cotton into strips and attached them with nail foil glue. That's a kind of glue that gets very tacky when it's dry. It's super laid back because I don't have to hold the strips in place while I wait for the glue to dry :-p Hey secretly, I'm a little bit lazy!

These freaky glowing eyes are made with - Serum No. 5 Day Glow and I have to say, I freaked a little bit when I saw them. This polish glows SO brightly and it looked amazing in real life!
The base, even though it's only peeking through, is SuperChic Lacquer Mink for the base. It's one of my favorite polishes, even though it's dark. Yesss I like bright colors!

For the fingers aren't really wearable in actual life, but SO much fun to make! I used some metal wire with a black coating and I wrapped them in a thread from the cotton to make them mummy-ish. This definitely made my fingers feel too big and manly!

Music is "Desert City" by Kevin MacLeod

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