Saturday, October 31, 2015

Eyeballs nail art for Halloween

Happy Halloween!! I feel watched with all these eyes looking at me... I have a video tutorial PLUS a special surprise at the end of the blog post so click to see more!

Making this design took me back to my crafting days. I took a plastic bead and painted it white, then used acrylic paint & my Roubloff 00 detail brush from Adnails Manucure to paint an iris on it and sealed it in with HK Girl top coat from Glisten&Glow.

Each eye took maybe 15 - 30 minutes to make, I didn't keep the time because I was doing them all in a row. Took me a whole afternoon :-p
The eyes are attached using nail foil glue (it's the kind of glue that gets really tacky when it's dry)
and then surrounded by 3D sculpting gel (brandless, sorry!) that's cured with my UV lamp. You can see me removing the tacky layer in the video with rubbing alcohol, and then I slathered it in acrylic paint. Added some red paint for the blood and there's your gory Halloween nail art!

No actual eyes were used during the making of this tutorial :-p

Music is "Controlled Chaos" by Kevin MacLeod
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Aaaaand how about a torn out eye for Halloween? My mom couldn't look at this, so much grossness :-p This was inspired by my darling genius @ka_yee_or and I made this part of the design before deciding to use the same design across all nails. I had already recorded this part of the tutorial so I just edited it anyways and made it into a 'how to make a creepy eyeball for Halloween' craft video! Enjoy!

Music is "Ossuary 7 - Resolve" by Kevin MacLeod
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